About Me


People, places, food and fun are my passions, my various careers and voluntary roles within the communities I have lived, have given me many varied and challenging experiences. Working closely with people in the health industry, being genuinely interested in their situations and lives. Apart from the job I have been expected to do, I found myself to be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, helping them to find the solution to the challenge that they are facing. Selfishly, I get a buzz if l feel that during our moment of time together I have helped, and they are left with a smile, and a word of encouragement, leaving them feeling better in some way. Sharing their thoughts and ideas with someone who doesn’t judge or criticise the way they think or feel, whilst being a support.

When asking all my friends, work colleagues and family members if they thought that I would be able to carry out the role of a Celebrant, I was overwhelmed with the support generosity and encouragement that they gave me, assuring me that my natural compassionate and caring nature along with my reliability to achieve goals and reach out comes efficiently for the job. Working as a Celebrant and a Massage Therapist gives me more time to care for my family whilst doing the things I love!

I have been married for over 30 years. Through these years together my husband and I have been very happy, surviving many tough and challenging moments that life has thrown our way.  My eldest brother was taken tragically through an accident in his mid 30’s, and our youngest son had a birth defect when he was born which resulted in major surgery with ongoing treatment during his childhood. As our family life has evolved, our ageing parents have suffered various illnesses, we have lost family members and friends, and also had our share of the effects of cancer as my husband went through surgery and treatment. All these experiences have made me stronger, more understanding and empathetic to others. People never cease to amaze me how they cope with loss of loved ones, illnesses and struggles, sharing compassionately for those they love.

I will help create personal lasting memories with love care and compassion.

Let us celebrate and value all our life events, whether happy or sad occasions, expressing our feelings for one another.