Naming Ceremony with Sally

Blended Family Blessings & Baby Namings

Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a baby. Bringing together family friends and the larger community to acknowledge the new beginning or rite of passage. All over the world people have celebrate not only the naming of babies and adults, they also celebrate the naming of places and things that have a significance and meaning in our lives for instance, the naming of boats and the openings of new businesses and parks.

This ceremony is a wonderful unique way to celebrate dedicate and affirm your beliefs and values as parents, friends, bosses and families. To invite your family and friends together to invite your community to come together in acknowledgement and celebration of new beginnings and share the joy of love and deepening relationships with others.

My fee starts from $450

“Sharing laughter is a way of casting delight to the wind so it blows everywhere and to everyone.” - Paul Pearsall


My naming services

Here are few ways and suggestions that a naming ceremony can be used:

  • Pre born child/children
  • Naming ceremony for a stillborn child
  • Welcoming a baby son or daughter
  • Motherhood
  • Adopted child/children
  • Adolescence to adulthood
  • Prodigal children/adults
  • Blending of families
  • Parenthood
  • Changing of Name
  • Boats
  • Businesses

Every element of the ceremony is decided by you

making special moments memorable.

Here is a guide to get you started.

  • There are No rules, No right or wrong ensuring your ceremony, your day, your way
  • They can be celebrating one person a group of people or a whole community.
  • The ceremony can be a simple, complex, long or short occasion.
  • In your unique style, whether religious, spiritual, festival or a fairytale. The choice is entirely yours.
  • Mark the moment using rituals, blessings and certificates.
  • Readings, poems, stories, dance, music or symbolic gestures.
  • Family custom and traditions are often included continuing the culture and legacy of your family.
  • You can invite other people to take part, guardians, godparents, guides, supporting adults, colleagues, business partner or team.
  • Party, dinner, buffet or bbq it’s your decision.

All this and more, I will help you to identify and personalise those special people and distinctive moments in your life. As your celebrant I have the resources, suggestions and expertise to assist, inspire formulate and deliver your masterpiece to mark and invest in your family life and legacy.
Together we can create a ceremony for your family to treasure.

My fee starts from $350