What I can do for you

Wedding or Marriage of Civil Union

I am so pleased, privileged and excited, being able to indulge my passion, helping you  create a fabulous wedding day, starting your lives as a married couple, and sharing your commitment with all your family and friends, in a special and wonderful way that you will treasure for ever.

As your celebrant, it will be an honour to work with you, creating a ceremony that captures the essence of you both,  and your love for one another. Offering resources and suggestions I will help with your ceremony,  guiding you through your marriage ceremony, so that is a relaxed, fun and a memorable occasion.  

CelebrateWithSally, all confirmed bookings will receive a free bottle of champagne!

Boutique Ceremony

Are you looking for a small not so elaborate ceremony? I can help you put together a professional and unique boutique ceremony. Although I will not be able to include all the bells and whistles,  there will be no compromise on the standard of service I deliver.  This is how it works:-

  • We can either meet once or talk on the telephone to discuss your requirements.
  • You choose the venue. If your unsure, I can help you with that.
  • I will deliver a unique special and compact ceremony. Carefully and professionally  prepared.
  • You write your vows, and include a special reading if you like.
  • If you would like help applying for your marriage licence($150) and the marriage certificate($33) I can guide you. The costs here are seperate to my fee. 

Together we will design the perfect occasion to make everlasting memories.

Your Celebration, Your Day, Your Way

Baby Welcoming  

This is a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a baby. Together we can create a celebration that is special to you all. I will help you design and include any special people, symbols, readings or music that you may like to use.  

CelebrateWithSally and receive a free gift! 

Renewing of vows

An exciting way to celebrate a special Wedding Anniversary or a renewed promise to one another. Our lives are made up of many special moments, this ceremony is an opportunity for you as a couple to reaffirm your love. As your celebrant I will work with you to design a unique and personalised ceremony. I have resources and Ideas you may like to use, allowing you to include special people, symbolic gestures, poems or music to make your occasion complete.

CelebrateWithSally and receive a free bottle of Champagne!

Significant Birthdays, Special Events and Anniversaries

Acknowledging the success, achievements and milestones in the lives of the people we love. We will devise a celebration to honour and respect these memorable important events. I am always available to MC these events if you wish, giving you more time to celebrate with the people you love.

CelebrateWithSally and receive a free bottle of Champagne!

Funerals and Living, Wake Funerals

This is an opportunity for you to celebrate and remember the life of your loved one. Together we will create an occasion that best shares the life stories and achievements of the person you have lost. During this ceremony you may also like to include any music, poetry, readings and meaningful gestures reminiscent of the person you hold dear, giving family and friends a chance to include their significant and memorable moments.

Our life journey encompasses so many experiences. It is a tapestry of milestones and memories that come to mind when we reflect of our lives.

The power of telling your own story cannot be underestimated, and the empathy that develops through listening to a person’s story can only serve us better to truly respect that person as an individual, to be cherished and cared for, connecting the human spirit of a life well lived.

I am available to present innovative and interactive  talks “Your Life Matters”  based on  ‘Your life story’  and ‘Your life wishes’ to your community group  raising awareness to kick-start the importance of  meaningful conversations within families, to recognise the intrinsic need to remember and celebrate our life and achievements.

Living, wake funerals. Sharing a lasting memory with love, care and compassion, enabling friends and families the opportunity to express love and appreciation, celebrating life and achievements. Whether a person has a terminal or debilitating illness or just wanting a celebration of life for lasting memories, spending quality time with the people you hold dear, I can help you plan your celebration of love for one another.

Sharing laughter is a way of casting delight to the wind so it blows everywhere and to everyone. 

Paul Pearsall

CelebrateWithSally sharing memories that will last for ever!