Renewals with Sally

Vow Renewals & Anniversaries

Renewing of Vows

This is a symbolic ceremony designed for you to reaffirm your love and commitment for one another. Our lives are made up of many moments full of challenges to endure. It is a special way for you to personalise and reflect on those times and celebrate the end of the difficulties and look forward to the future. You just want to celebrate your continued forever love, reaffirming your commitment and promises made on your wedding day.
You are only limited by your imagination, together we will carefully piece together a ceremony whether a small intimate ceremony or a bigger affair the choice is yours. We can invite and include those special friends and family that have and will continue to support you both to take part with a reading or a ritual, using symbolic gesture and poetry to symbolise and create a heartfelt celebration.

My fee starts from $450

“Sharing laughter is a way of casting delight to the wind so it blows everywhere and to everyone.” - Paul Pearsall

“Remember to Celebrate the milestones, as you prepare for the road ahead.”

- Nelson Mandela

Celebrating Special Anniversaries, Birthdays

This is a great way to congratulate, celebrate your achieved goals and milestones. A sense of occasion in acknowledgement to the achievements and efforts you have reached. Along wth your wishes and my resources we will formalise and mark the occasion perfectly with a personalised celebration as a reflection of you.

My fee starts from $450