Renewals with Sally

Vow Renewals and Special Anniversaries

Congratulations to you both as you plan to celebrate with a vow renewal a significant milestone of your love.  To celebrate the anniversary of your wedding day whether you are celebrating  2, 5, 10, 25 or 60 years together. Contact Sally to share the love you have for each other, the achievements and hurdles you have enjoyed and overcome with strength and commitment. Celebrate the love that you had yesterday, you have today and you will have tomorrow.   Sally will help you to recreate, create and celebrate a magical day full of memories that will be treasured forever. A bespoke ceremony designed for you to reaffirm your love, commitment and promises made on your original wedding day. Personalising your marriage renewal with a ritual or symbolism ie. handfasting or a sand ceremony. You are only limited by your own imagination, together we will carefully piece together a ceremony creating a perfect celebration and reaffirming your vows and I do's originally shared on your wedding day.  Writing new ones and including special readings and poems and music. Inviting special friends and family members to take part and share your celebrations. Sally will offer oodles of Inspiration and creativity as you let your family and friends know that you would do it all again in a heartbeat. Celebrate your love, your ceremony, your day your way. Call Sally today, start to plan a unique celebration for your anniversary as a reflection of your love.


My fee starts from $450

“Sharing laughter is a way of casting delight to the wind so it blows everywhere and to everyone.” - Paul Pearsall

“Remember to Celebrate the milestones, as you prepare for the road ahead.”

- Nelson Mandela

Anniversaries, Birthdays & More

A great way to celebrate achieved goals and memorable milestones. Celebrate and acknowledge amazing accomplishments. Formalising and marking an occasion perfectly, using ritual gestures and words creating a unique celebration for you all to treasure.

My fee starts from $450
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