Weddings with Sally

Independent Marriage Celebrant Oamaru Otago, New Zealand

Your Celebration,

Your day,

Your Way!

Marriage Ceremony

It will be an honour and a pleasure to work with you both, creating a sumptuous wedding ceremony that captures the essence of your love.

From the moment we meet,  I will work with professionalism, reliability, care and guidance to ensure your marriage ceremony is supreme.

  • We will have several meetings on line and in person to get to know one another and start working together to create your special day.
  • Symbolic gesturesand Rituals. I will share with you ideas to help you symbolise and personalise your ceremony completely to include and suit you, your family and friends.
  • Readings and Poetry You can choose or I will happily help you find the perfect words for your day.
  • Music Suggestions if you need some
  • Writing your vows  I can make suggestions and guide you to create a memorable unique vow to express your love.
  • PA Microphone and Speaker system to use on the day.
  • Rehearsal with you and your Bridal Party at the venue.
My fee starts from $650

with a non refundable fee of $500 to secure your booking and balance of $150 to be paid by the rehearsal date.

“ You know you'er in love when you can't fall asleep because finally reality is better than your dreams.” - Dr Suess

Our lives are made up of significant moments, moments that will be marked in the mists of time,

telling our stories.

Intimate Marriage Ceremony : It only Takes 5 - You & Me + 2

This is the perfect choice for those couples planning an elopement or micro cermony ceremony you only need 5 people to be present at this ceremony to make it legal.   I can help you put together a professional and unique boutique ceremony. Although I will not be able to include all the bells and whistles, there will be no compromise on the standard of service I deliver.  This is how it works:-

  • We will meet or talk online or by telephone to discuss your ceremony.
  • You choose the venue.
  • One special reading
  • One symbolic gesture e.g. handfasting ceremony.
  • Vows. Help and suggestions for you to write your vows.
  • PA Microphone System and Speaker for use on the day.
  • Full rehearsal one week before your ceremony.
  • Additional Symbolic gestures $50 each.
My fee starts from $450

with a non refundable deposit of $300 at time of booking and balance of $150 to be paid before the ceremony date.

Registry Marriage Ceremony

For those who want just the legalities and paperwork signed. A short no fuss no bother ceremony filled with fun, love and laughter. 

  • This is a 'no frills' ceremony Monday to Friday only (no public holidays)
  •  A full NZ government composed pre set ceremony covering all the legal aspects.
  • The Venue of your choice
  • Time: you pick the anytime in 24hours
  • Approximately length of ceremony 20min.

Apply for your Marriage Licence pick ‘Registry-style' option on line. You will be charged $150 for your Marriage Licence paid at the time of application.

If you require an official Marriage certificate you can order at the same time as your licence application at a cost of $33. 

My fee is $90

payable directly to me on the day.

Travel Costs

Please note that any travel further than 50kms of Oamaru township will be an extra cost to you.

Marriage Licence